Information on the first NFT prize given in a cycling race

In the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye, the awards for the winners will be presented in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) format. It will be the first NFT prize given in a cycling race, in history.  NFTs in 3 different types as the Stage map,  Jersey and trophy will be available in a limited number on a special market offering special rights for the purchaser.

The Cup NFT:

• NFTs of the Tour’s cup will be offered limited to 5.
• The NFT no 1/1 of the Cup will be presented to the winner of the Tour.
• Those, who purchased the Cup NFT, will be hosted as VIP in one of the stages of the next year’s organization.

The Stage NFTs:

• The topographic map of each stage will be turned into NFT and offered for sale.
• NFTs are limited to 5 for each stage.
• 40 NFTs will be available for 8 stages.
• A special NFT will be presented to the stage winners.
• Those, who purchased the Stage NFT, will have admittance for the special area in the relevant stage to follow the tour from there.

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