The health status of the people involved in the unfortunate accident that took place in the Selçuk (Efes) - Alaçatı stage of the 57th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkiye, held on Monday, April 11, 2022, is closely followed by the Turkish Cycling Federation. The incident in question occurred due to the fact that a physically disabled citizen went on the race route despite all the precautions and warnings.

In addition to the athletes, the police officer who tried to get the pedastrian out of the road was also affected by the accident. Upon the occurrence of the incident, race doctors and medical team immediately took the necessary medical intervention. Afterwards, the treatment of riders involved continued at Dokuz Eylul University Hospital under the supervision of our medical team.

Those whose treatments were completed were discharged, and it was seen that there was no obstacle for Nacer Bouhanni, one of the athletes involved in the accident, to travel by plane, and the further treatment process was planned to be continued in his own country. We wish a fast recovery to everyone affected by this unfortunate event.

As the cycling family knows, accidents caused by the unexpected circumstances during the race or by the spectators, despite the maximim safety precautions, occur from time to time in all cycling races. On Monday, April 11, 2022, due to the strong crossed winds that occurred during the stage, cyclists had to use the entire road, unfortunately a sad accident occurred despite all safety measures.

The international stakeholders involved and witnessed to the incident stated that despite this unfortunate and sad accident, the security measures taken in the organization are at the highest level. We hereby inform cycling community regarding the incident.

Turkish Cycling Federation